5 Methods to Beat an Online Shopping Addiction



Most of us might joke about our shopping addictions or be quick to call someone a “shopaholic,” but to the truly afflicted, this issue is of no laughing matter.

The technical term “Oniomania” refers to the compulsive desire to shop, which manifests itself as a preoccupation with buying and engaging in shopping despite the negative consequences. Shopping addicts are no different from other types of addicts in that they experience extreme highs followed by severe lows – feelings of depression, anger, stress, disappointment and guilt. This addiction is a very dangerous threat to a person’s physical and emotional health, personal relationships, financial status and professional life.

The rise of e-commerce sites, online auctions, flash sale sites, and readily available credit have made online shopping a compulsive and especially dangerous habit for many consumers, you could say it is a disorder. Online shopping is an anonymous experience, and without handing over cash, it’s easy to feel like you are rarely spending cash.

If you are a person who struggles with online shopping compulsion, you should really start considering using alternative payment solution to gain a better control. Here are a few tips to help worth trying out:

Unsubscribe from Promotional Emails

When you get a promotional email, no matter the temptation, do not open the email. Instead, go straight to the bottom and hit that unsubscribe link within the message. Do not even bother with marking these emails as spam or trash as that is only so effective. Unsubscribe from every single promotional email you receive on a daily basis, especially coupon, flash sale and auction sites, which are some of the most addictive shopping experiences online.

Delete Shopping Apps

Shopping apps are particularly dangerous to shopaholics. Shopping apps make it way too convenient to shop and spend money online. There is little opportunity to contemplate purchases, and the trigger for the addiction is right at your fingertips as it often takes just a few clicks to authorize a sale. Delete all shopping apps from your mobile devices, you will never regret it.

Try the Prepaid Visa Card

A prepaid Visa card functions exactly like a traditional debit or credit card. It can be used anywhere a traditional debit or credit card is accepted. Whether it be: making an in-store payment, online or an ATM machine. Prepaid Visa cards are as widely accepted as any credit card available on the market today. There is one distinct difference the cardholder can only spend what was previously loaded on the card. This makes the Prepaid Visa card a very useful tool for people like shopaholics. This is due to the main difference that the Prepaid Visa Card is not linked to any credit line nor bank account, which means that a prepaid cardholder cannot spend more than what was planned. This function is highly effective when it comes to helping a shopaholic beat his or her compulsive spending.

Seek Professional Help

Like other forms of addiction, compulsive shopping can be managed successfully through treatment, therapy and support groups. Surround yourself with people who can understand and relate to your experience and provide guidance and support. Try getting more involved with helping others as a way to keep yourself accountable and committed to a speedy recovery.

Block Yourself from Your Favorite Sites

You can restrict your computer from accessing certain online shopping sites by blocking them on your online browser. You can go through the entire operating system or network router, or simply use web-filtering software to automatically block them for you.

Make sure you clear your cookies and cache regularly to avoid falling victim to retargeting advertisements. This is where retailers follow your online search behavior and continuously serve up ads promoting their products.

What’s next?

Now that you know the remedy to treat your shopping addiction, it is time for you to make a pro-active commitment. Start by setting yourself a weekly or monthly shopping budget. Budgeting is the first step and the key to successfully financial management. Allocate an amount of shopping budget in the beginning of each week or month, load the money in your Visa prepaid card and only allow yourself to make purchases through the use of your prepaid card. Once the money in your prepaid card account is used up, it will not allow any further payments as prepaid Visa cards are not linked to any credit facility. With the use of the right tool and discipline, you can rid yourself of this addiction in just a matter of months.

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