5 Tips to Increase The Success of Your Hospital Negligence Claim

It can be very stressful following through on hospital negligence claims.  Not only do you have the suffering and pain as a result of the negligence, but the extra medical treatment you may need and time in hospital and lost wages can cause you even more problems.  To help you therefore, in the following article you will find some 5 tips you when you have to file a case of medical negligence.

Start the Claim As Soon As Possible

In most cases, clinical and hospital negligence claims are not valid once 3 years have passed since the personal injury occurred and negligence was considered as the cause.  Although children and people who suffer from mental health problems and diminished responsibility do not have the same time limit, it is still best to start a negligence claim of this sort as soon as possible.  This enables you to retain the relevant paperwork and documents and keep an accurate account of your losses.  It also means that the incident and injuries will be fresh in the minds of all parties involved and lowers the risk of evidence going missing.

Consult Medical Negligence Solicitors Whenever You Need To

It is vital that if you come across any problems or need the answers to certain questions regarding your claim, that you speak to your hospital negligence solicitor.  As most people with no formal legal training are likely to be confused or even upset at some of the information in legalese in documentation and paperwork, practices like Leo Claims prefer that their clients phone or email them with their various concerns and questions.

Keep a Clear and Detailed Record of Your Injuries

To improve the chances of your hospital negligence claim being successful, it is critical that you keep a detailed and clear record of the wages lost, expenses and actual injuries sustained.  It is also important that you seek reparative treatment as soon as you can and request a check-up from another GP or different hospital to the one involved in your case.  By having a clear and detailed account of your injuries, you will also be able to ask for a second opinion from your new doctor.

Keep a Positive Attitude

It is easy to become despondent if you hear that the defendant involved in your negligence claim is contesting it.  However, if you have taken the appropriate action and hired medical negligence lawyers that are experienced, it is unlikely you will face any major problems with your case.  Even if they dispute your claim, it doesn’t mean you won’t win.  It is best to keep a positive attitude, because worrying and stressing will only make your psychological health and overall wellbeing worse.

Stay Vigilant

Keep a close eye and record of any treatment and prescriptions you are given to make sure they do no worsen your wellbeing and health and are error free.  It is quite common for individuals who have suffered medical negligence to be repeated victims.  By stay vigilant you will also have up to date and well maintained records of paperwork and communication you may have had with the hospital or doctor and will increase the chances of your claim being successful.

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