7 Things You Need to Do to Get Your Securty Deposit Back

Renting can be great for some people. That is until it’s time to get your security deposit back. While some landlords can be reasonable and realise that their property has been lived in for at least a year, others expect you to wrap everything in bubble wrap before going about your daily life. In many contracts it will state that regular wear and tear is acceptable, but what this actually constitutes at varies from landlord to landlord. Many landlords fail to realise that their carpet was already 10 years old and a murky brown colour, and perhaps even try to use your deposit to pay for a new floor. Who knows, they might even have some left over for themselves! It’s important you take action if you think you’re being taken for a ride. Here are 7 things you need to do to get your security deposit back:

Take Labelled, Dated Photos

When you first move in, try to calm down your excitement for a moment to remember to take labelled, dated photographs. This will be proof of any problems that were present when you first moved in, so you don’t end up taking the fall for them. Take even more photographs when it’s time for you to move out so you can prove that you left the place in great condition.

Fill in the Inventory

In some cases, you need to fill in an inventory so you can state what issues there were with the place when you moved in. For example, there may be a broken door handle or stain on the carpet. This will further protect you when it’s time to move out.

Paint Over Adhesive Marks

Adhesive leaves marks, but people forget this when they go sticking things to the wall. While going out, buying a can of matching paint, and then painting over the marks might seem like a lot of hassle, it’s better than the landlord charging you for doing the job himself or hiring someone to do it. He may even pay himself a ‘wage’ out of your deposit. Estate agents in Stratford Upon Avon confirm that you should be vigilant with marks!

Ask Your Landlord to Come and Inspect the Property

Around a month before you’re due to move out, ask your landlord to come and inspect the property. This way, they can tell you about anything they are unhappy with or would like rectifying, and you have plenty of time to fix it yourself. Again, this is worth it if you get your deposit back.

Clean as You Go Along

Instead of dodging the chores the whole time you live there and then cleaning up a year or two’s worth of dirt in a few days, clean up as you go along. Don’t leave dirt and grime to fester for too long; dust the sides, and hoover the carpet. Try not to spill anything either!

Be Vigilant Against Damp

Damp can be a really pain to get rid of, so if you spot it try to get rid of it straight away. You can even call the landlord and ask for advice.

Avoid House Parties

Sorry guys, but house parties should be banned. You might trust your guests, but accidents happen when drink is flowing.

Follow this advice, and you’ll get your deposit back no problem!


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