Easy-peasy-coupon-squeezy – couponing for beginners

This is a beginners guide, but maybe some of you high experienced coupon enthusiasts will find a useful advice in the following as well. For beginners, I just want to mention one thing that should have your mind all straight about couponing if you still have any questions about why should you do it. With minimum effort, and roughly 5 hours a week of dedication and research work, you can easily save 300$ without a sweat, on a monthly basis. If you have a savings fund, this is a great way to increase that amount

Facts and Misconceptions

Because this is a game of numbers, we will talk numbers. More than 3.6 billion dollars of savings were documented in the last year, all from coupon enthusiast, you have to agree that this is a significant amount at least. In average, an online shopper will stumble upon a coupon for the appliance he/she needs, and will use this advantage to his/her benefit at least once this year, no matter if the consumer actually was looking for a coupon, they are that accessible. However, knowing what options one might have by using this method, and there are a lot of advantages, you should avoid spending your money on something you actually don’t need. Finding something cheap doesn’t necessarily means that you should buy it. Concentrate on the things you need. Here is how


Evaluation and Organization

When it comes to your grocery shopping list, you should be well organized. Know what you need and when to get it. Find the time to visit your local supermarket and see if there are offers that include a one plus one deal, or some free samples that could do the trick for a specific product. Some offers are right there on the shelf and you should know about it before you start your shopping. It will do wonders for your savings if you just spend some extra time researching. Not to mention how big purchases, such as those for holidays and birthdays, should always be well planned months in advance.

Benefits of Conventional Methods

There are still reliable methods and coupons in newspapers that you can use. You can never go wrong with Proctor & Gamble, Red Plum and Smart Source, for example, and it is important to follow the schedule and find out how much and on what you can save. On the other hand, you can subscribe on few Sunday newspapers that are cheap and will pay for themselves only with coupons. That’s more a local thing so feel free to investigate on your own, you have to navigate the marketplace. Printed coupons are here for more than 100 years, but maybe the time has come to forget about them and make room for the king, and that is:

Online Coupon

A latest increase of 263% in coupons redeems is all internet work. The online couponing system is pragmatic, easy to use, and companies do love the advertisement they get through social media and brand acknowledgment. Companies like Amazon always have good deals for groceries, but flipkart coupons can help you save incredible amounts in electronic appliances, computers, mobile phones and gadgets. It is a definite choice, and if you have a birthday or a holiday coming up – start your research


Again, please don’t buy everything you find just because it is a good deal. When you get into couponing you will soon start to notice how fast some doors open for you. That doesn’t necessarily means that you have to take that exit.

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