How To Save Money When Looking To Purchase A Used Car In 2014


If you’ve been driving the same old heap of junk for the last few years, you’re probably considering swapping it for something a little more reliable this summer, right? Well, most of us simply don’t have the funds to buy a new car at the moment, which is precisely why I’ve chosen to write this short article today. If you spend the new few minutes reading through all the tips and advice I’ve included below, you should come away with a better understanding of what you need to do to save the most money when purchasing a used car in the near future. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an extensive list, and you should still apply some common sense when going to view anything you potentially might buy.

I’ve been purchasing second hand cars for a long time, and so I’m probably a bit of an authority on the subject. So, you can relax, and rest assured you’re getting only the best advice from someone who’s been there before, and who knows what they’re talking about. So, whether you’re looking for a Toyota, or a Mazda CX5 (an amazing car)  you’d do well to pay attention. Incidentally, you’ll find lots more specs on the CX5 on the Canterbury Mazda site. Considering this, I’ll stop wasting your time with long introductions and get started straight away.

Know The Value Of The Car

Before you head out to view a potential purchase, it’s important that you spend some time researching values online to ensure you’re not getting ripped off. Not only will this mean you can spot an overpriced model a mile away, but it will also give you some much needed leverage when it comes to negotiating the price down. There’s no need to worry about this if you’re not very confident with haggling though, as there are some great negotiation guides online that could help you to master the art.

Trade In Your Old Model

This only really works if you’re buying a used car from a garage or dealership, but it can help you to save hundreds, even thousands of pounds. Regardless of which car you drive at the moment, most establishments of this nature will be willing to knock some money off your purchase if you leave the old model with them. The amount of saving you achieve will obviously depend on the resale value of the vehicle you’re driving at the moment, so make sure you also research this if you’re considering a trade in. You can expect to receive around 60% of the resale value in savings, whatever amount that may be (the dealer has to make money too you know).

Shop Around

To be fair, this should go without saying, but you should never settle on the first automobile you lay your eyes on. You might well think it looks cheap, but you’ll be kicking yourself if you find out similar models are going for much less through online auction websites like eBay. Also, you might find an alternative car that’s just as impressive after only a few days of searching, and this would be tragic if you’d already committed yourself to the first one you saw.

Well, you now know how to save money when looking to buy a used car in 2014. So, don’t let me catch you making the same mistakes as so many others have in the past.

Good luck!

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