Is Gambling Online a Viable Money Making Method?

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As you all, I am always searching for new ways to round up my monthly income. And while I search, I sometimes stumble upon guides to how to make easy money online – like you have most likely did yourself. Some of them talk about selling your stuff on eBay, others say you should write articles for money. And many of them also say you should try to play casino slots to make some extra cash.

Gambling as a form of making money

I found this idea interesting, so I gave it a little more thought. Online casino games as a way to make money sounds crazy and intriguing enough – and especially entertaining enough – to deserve some more exploration. And I’ve reached the conclusion that gambling online can, in the long term, serve as a way to round up your monthly revenues. But you should not build your budget around it.

Gambling is fair

And in this case, “fair” means “random”. The most popular casino games of them all – roulette, slot machines, and so on – are completely random. This means that none of the participants (neither the house, nor the player) can influence their outcome in any way. I’ve spoken to a croupier manning a roulette table at a casino, and I asked him if there is any way to predict where the ball will stop. He told me that his brain should be a quantum computer to do it: there are simply too many variables. They are not called “games of chance” without a reason. The main governing force behind them is probability.

Some games, in turn, have also an element of skill in them. Blackjack, video poker and some other card games can be played “perfectly” in order to maximize the revenue they generate. Being “safer”, these games also come with lower payouts. Winning a hand of blackjack will pay out even money, for example (meaning that a successful $10 bet will generate $10 in winnings). And the least likely hand – Blackjack, a combination of an Ace and a 10/face card – only pays out 3 to 2 ($15 in winnings for a $10 bet). Still, using the right strategy, blackjack can be profitable in the long run.

Gambling is entertainment

But gambling is often misperceived by players and non-players alike as a way to make money. It’s not – and it wasn’t meant to be. From its very beginnings, casino gambling was considered a form of entertainment, and it still is today.

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