Is Honda OEM Worth It?

Many motorcycle owners like to work on their bikes. Others have their mechanics do the work but order their own parts to get the best deals. In either case, finding the right aftermarket and OEM parts Honda motorcycle work needs can bring up a big question: is OEM worth it? It can sound like aftermarket parts are always better than motorcycle OEM parts, but this isn’t necessarily true.

Why Choose Aftermarket

Aftermarket parts can offer a lot of great benefits. Perhaps most significantly to most riders, they are often cheaper than OEM parts. There are some other advantages, including:

  • More Variety: With aftermarket, you can pick the part or accessory that exactly matches what you want. OEM only has the part that came with your bike.
  • Potential for High Quality: Some aftermarket parts are really high quality. They can offer improvements to performance, fuel efficiency and more. They can also be more reliable than their OEM counterparts, in some cases.
  • Better Availability: It can be challenging to source the OEM parts Honda motorcycles use, especially for older bikes. Aftermarket parts don’t tend to have this problem.

Why Choose OEM

Despite some of the advantages of aftermarket parts, OEM is often still the better choice. Some of the advantages of the manufacturer parts include:

  • Easier to Choose: There’s only a limited selection. You can also be certain that the part will work for your bike.
  • Consistent Quality: Even though some aftermarket parts are great, not all are. OEM parts will almost always be good quality. For example, if you order motorcycle tires online, you can be sure the OEM options will work great,
  • Warranty: OEM parts come with a warranty. Better yet, they won’t void your bike’s warranty, which some aftermarket parts may.

The Verdict

Honda OEM parts are absolutely worth it. They offer a lot of great advantages and are easy to rely on. However, aftermarket parts can be great too if you do your research. In short, it is a matter of preference.

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