RL360° Quantum: Do you know the facts?

There is no shortage of investment opportunities available now for you to take advantage of, but before you commit your money to specific products, it is vital that you know the facts. With this in mind, here is an introduction to Quantum, a flexible saving solution offered by RL360°.

Key product information

Quantum offers the potential for growth over the medium to long term and it is designed for those who want to save money for the future on a flexible but regular basis. You can start saving into this product with as little as USD320 per month and you have the option to increase this sum further down the line. With Quantum, you can choose from in excess of 150 different funds and you won’t have to cover any initial fund charges. In addition, because RL360° permits premium holidays, you can take a break from saving if you wish. The product also gives you the freedom to pay in lump sums and to make withdrawals.

You can set up a Quantum policy in one of seven different currencies, including pound sterling, United States dollar, euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Japanese yen, Swiss franc and Australian dollar. Bear in mind that after the application stage, you cannot change the currency.

RL360° only accepts business that is introduced through financial advisers, and this applies to all of its products. So, whether you are interested in RL360° Quantum, PIMS or another policy, your first step should be to consult one of these specialists. A financial adviser will be able to guide you through your options and help ensure you select a policy that suits your needs and your approach to risk.

Your money, your choice                           

Over the medium to long-term, you could achieve an impressive return on your Quantum investment. Of course, what you choose to do with any money you make is entirely up to you. Many people invest in the product to build up funds for their retirement. However, it can also provide money to help cover expenses such as school or university fees. Alternatively, you might simply want the added peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a financial cushion in place that could help you cover unexpected costs like medical bills or property repairs.

RL360° offers a variety of investment and protection products. The company has been expanding its operations and acquiring new customers at an impressive rate over recent years. You can find out more about the business and what it has to offer online.

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