Save Money on Your Heating Bills With These Smart Tips

We’d all love to save a little money on our heating bills, wouldn’t we? We moan and curse the heating companies who put their prices up, and always seem to be sending us extortionate bills through the post. However, many people don’t consider the ways in which they can reduce their heating bills by themselves. There are loads of ways you can bring your heating bills down all on your own, and all it takes is a few simple steps to get started. Let’s take a look at some smart tips that will help you save on your heating bills:

Saving money on your heating bills is all about using your heating controls effectively. This is a really way to cut down on your energy bills, so you’re literally wasting your money away if you haven’t tried them! Here’s what to do:


Update Your Boiler and Heating Controls

By having out of date heating and controls in your home, you’re literally throwing your money away. Saying that, replacing your boiler isn’t always the most cost effective option, as it can come to £5000 or more! If you can’t afford to update your boiler, you could potentially still update your controls. Modern controls are much more accurate, so replace yours if they’re 12 years old or more.


Kinds of Heating Controls

The kinds of heating controls you actually need depend on the system you have. There are 4 general types:

  • A timer turns your boiler on and off at set times.

  • A room thermostat measures how warm your room is and changes the temperature of the boiler accordingly.

  • A programmer lets you set different temperatures for different days of the week.

  • Thermostatic radiator valves let you adjust the temperature of individual radiators and turn them off completely.


Zone Your Heating

Instead of having one thermostat, you can have multiple thermostats in each room so you can effectively programme the temperature of each place depending on where you spend most of your time. If you set lower temperatures in the rooms you infrequently, you’ll save lots of energy and money. Click here for more household budgeting tips!


Programme or Time Your Heating

A timer will allow you to set times for when your boiler can be turned off in a 24 hours period. During the day when you’re at work would be a good time to do this. A programmer gives you a load more options, allowing you to set different times and temperatures through the week. Consider different lifestyle factors to help you do this effectively. Here are some examples:


  • Consider what time your family wakes up in the morning.

  • Consider when everybody leaves the house for work or school.

  • Does anybody stay in the house during the day?

  • What time does everybody come home?

  • Will your house need heating during the night?

  • What time do you need to use the most hot water?

  • Do you use your home differently at the weekend?


By following these tips, you don’t even have to put on extra layers or go cold. Have your home perfectly heated at all times suited to when you’re home and what you’re doing. You’ll love the savings you make!


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